Bendigo Day Surgery recognises, respects and supports the rights of ALL children and young people to access health services without any ethnic, racial, religious, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, language, cultural or social discrimination.

Bendigo Day Surgery is committed to the safety and well-being of ALL children and young people who visit Bendigo Day Surgery.

Bendigo Day Surgery has the current measures in place:

– A code of conduct that includes standards of behaviour for all staff.
– All staff are required to have a current Working with Children Check (WCCC).
– All staff are required to participate in mandatory training in child and cultural safety
– Child Safety is included and discussed at meetings at all levels of governance at Bendigo Day Surgery including Board of Directors, Medical Advisory Committee, Clinical Governance Committee, Consumer Safety and Quality Committee and staff meetings.

The Charter on the Rights of Children and Young People in Healthcare Services in Australia provides a framework to help empower children and young people to know about their rights.

Every child and young people has a right:

• To consideration of their best interests as the primary concern of all involved in his or her care
• To express their views, and to be heard and taken seriously
• To the highest attainable standard of healthcare
• To respect for themselves as a whole person, as well as respect for their family and the family’s individual characteristics, beliefs, culture and contexts
• To be nurtured by their parents and family, and to have family relationships supported by the service in which the child or young person is receiving healthcare
• To information, in a form that is understandable to them
• To participate in decision-making and, as appropriate to their capabilities, to make decisions about their care.
• To be kept safe from all forms of harm
• To have their privacy respected
• To participate in education, play, creative activities and recreation, even if this is difficult due their illness or disability
• To continuity of healthcare, including well-planned care that takes them beyond and paediatric context.

Child Safe Standards – Information for childrenChild Safe Standards – Information for young people