We would like you to be well informed about the financial consequences of your admission to Bendigo Day Surgery, and are aware of any out-of-pocket expenses (or gaps).

Is your Health Insurance Fund Contracted to BDS?

You should check that you have adequate Private Health insurance cover for your treatment, We have contracts with all Private Health Insurance Funds, with the Department of Veterans Affairs, TAC and Worksafe Victoria.

Bendigo Day Surgery is now contracted to Medibank Private and AHM.

Please contact your Health Insurance Fund, or Reception at Bendigo Day Surgery if you have any questions about your level of cover.

What are “Gaps”?

Healthcare can be expensive. We try to ensure that you are not surprised by unexpected out-of-pocket or “gap” costs. Please check your Health Insurance policy statement and contact your Health Insurance fund to ensure that your chosen policy covers you. The Reception staff at Bendigo Day Surgery are also there to help, and can do a cover check before your procedure.

Questions about gaps you should ask:

  •  “Is my chosen level of Private Hospital cover adequate for my admission?”
  •  “Will there be any “excess” to pay on my chosen policy?”
  •  “Have I served all qualifying periods? Am I up to date with all my insurance premium payments?”
  •  “Are there any disposable or prosthetic items that my Specialist may use that my Private Health Insurance policy does not cover?”

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Patients

DVA Gold Card holders are covered for ALL fees from Bendigo Day Surgery, however some doctors may not accept the Gold Card as full payment. Please contact your Specialist and Anaesthetist to ensure that their fees are covered.

If you have a DVA White Card, we will need to contact DVA to confirm with them that you are covered prior to your procedure.

If You Do Not Have Private Health Insurance

You can “self-fund” (or pay your own way) to have your procedure at Bendigo Day Surgery.

You are responsible for all costs, including the cost of your treating Specialist and Anaesthetist (some of which you get back from Medicare) and Bendigo Day Surgery (which are not reimbursed by Medicare).There may be additional fees for Pathology services and other tests.

Ask your treating Specialist for an estimate of the costs to have your procedure at Bendigo Day Surgery.

If your Doctor can’t provide an estimate, please ask your Doctor for an item number for your procedure. You can call Bendigo Day Surgery Reception on (03) 5444 3533 and give us the item number. We can usually send you an estimate of fees and charges for your Bendigo Day Surgery admission – this does not include fees for your treating Specialist or Anaesthetist.

If you are self-funding, you must provide full payment at least 5 business days prior to your admission or your procedure may be cancelled.

Please remember an estimate of costs may not be the final cost. There may be variations from the proposed treatment or unforeseen complications, and the cost may vary. Please ask your treating Doctor if you have any questions.

Bendigo Day Surgery has EFTPOS facilities and accepts Visa and MasterCard.
We do not accept American Express cards.

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