We want to ensure your visit to Bendigo Day Surgery is as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Your Admission Paperwork

When your procedure is booked with your doctor, you will need to complete your Bendigo Day Surgery Admission.

We need to review details of your medical history, medications and allergies prior to your admission. If you think you may have any medical problems that you think might affect your procedure, such as a pacemaker, diabetes or if you are on blood thinning medication, please let us know.

Your Admission details can be submitted to us either as:

1. Paperwork from your doctor’s office.

Complete the printed Admission paperwork and return it to Bendigo Day Surgery Reception as soon as possible. You can mail to PO Box 2735, Bendigo Delivery Centre 3554 or bring it in to Reception.

2. Online Admission

Complete your Admission online through our secure Portal by following the link. You will need to register and create a username and password the first time you do an Online Admission.

If you have any questions about your Admission to Bendigo Day Surgery, please call your doctor’s office or our Reception staff on (03) 5444 3533.

Pre-admission Phone Call

A Pre-admission Nurse will call you on the day before your procedure (or Friday if your procedure is on a Monday) to confirm:

  • Your medical history (from your Admission paperwork)
  • Fasting requirements (when to stop eating or drinking)
  • Arrival time at Bendigo Day Surgery. We will try to minimise your waiting time as much as possible. Please allow plenty of time for travel and parking.

Preparation for your Procedure

  • Follow any special instructions that you have been given for your procedure (eg bowel preparation).
  • Take all your usual medications on the day of surgery with a sip of water (unless otherwise instructed).
  • Do not smoke for 24 hours prior to your surgery. Smoking affects your circulation, increases your anaesthetic risk, delays wound healing and increases the risk of wound infection.
  • You will need to arrange to have someone to drive you home and stay with you on the first postoperative night. You can’t drive home if you have had a general Anaesthetic or sedation.

If you have any questions, or are unwell and don’t think you can attend your booked procedure, please let us know by calling (03) 5444 3533. You should also call your Doctor’s office to let them know if you cannot attend.

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